Reparations Happy Hour Invites White People To Pay For Drinks

Activists in Portland, Ore., asked white people to donate so people of color could have their own space, with a drink or two paid for.


Vegans can now enjoy a winter tasting menu in Sea Point

Since Donald Watson set up his quarterly news page, The Vegan News in 1944, the idea of consuming only plant-based food gained a steady following. But it’s only in the last decade, with a global concern regarding health and the environmental impact of industrial farming that veganism excelled.


Best Coffee Awarded As Cup Of Excellence Ends

Rwanda has, for the fifth time, awarded the best locally produced coffee, as this year’s edition of Cup of Excellence competition came to an end.


Ab Inbev Is Taking Over Beer In Africa

While we quibble over whether American breweries acquired by AB InBev are still craft, the global brewer is making moves in Africa.


Two New Gins Hit The Sa Market


Why An Ancient Winemaking Technique Is Making A Comeback

From Italy to Oregon, the use of clay pots in fermentation and aging is gaining devotees


South African Entrepreneurs Launch New Whisky Bannerman`s

Cape Town-based premium drinks company Truman & Orange is behind the launch of Bannerman’s Finest Bl


Why Do I Get Congested When I Drink Alcohol?

Every time I enjoy a cold hard cider, I feel nauseated. Not immediately—first comes the congestion. Then I feel woozy. Then, hours later, my stomach churns. I wanted to figure out what was happening


Cape Drought Makes South African Wine Pricier But Tastier

The drought in South Africa’s Northern and Western Cape provinces is billed as the worst on record, with Cape Town residents forsaking baths in favor of 90-second showers. At least the wine is getti


The Hidden History Of Tea Shows Us That Little Things Can Have A Huge Impact.

Where does your tea come from? The answer is more significant than you think. #PromotedPost

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