New Pest And Disease Identification Technology Set To Revolutionize Agri-industry

On 11 October 2018, global precision agriculture company, Aerobotics, launched five new innovations that have never been seen before in the agriculture industry. These innovations were designed with t


What To Look For In South Africa

From Chenin to white blends, Syrah to Cinsault and, yes, Pinotage, we run down all the areas to explore in the exciting and rejuvenated South African wine scene.


Wine Marketing Weekly. The Marijuana Issue

Weed, cannabis, dagga, marijuana or whatever you want to call it may be the biggest threat to face the wine industry in years? Or perhaps it is the biggest opportunity? Take a few minutes to peruse th


Hamilton Russell Expands Pinot Noir Operation To Oregon, USA

A touch of South African winemaking flair hit America in September when Hamilton Russell Vineyards cellarmaster Emul Ross headed to Oregon to oversee the ma


5 Joburg Coffee Shops For Creative Hustlers

Need to get out of the office? Check out these killer coffee spots for Creative Hustlers!


5 Tips For An Old Fashioned From Rudolf De Vos Of The House Of Machines

In our ongoing efforts to explore and exploit the infinite possibilities of the Old Fashioned, we took at look at how it’s approached on a global scale and turned our sights south...


Is Slovakia The Cocktail Capital Of The World?

Our columnist sat down with the so-called roaming cocktail evangelist, Stan Vadrna, to discuss the prominence of Slovak bartenders.


13 Glorious Gin Experiences In And Around Cape Town For All Budgets

The craft gin revolution has now exploded with over 50 distilleries in South Africa. Here are 13 gin-tastic spots in and around Cape Town.


How CBD Has Become The USA’s Coolest Food And Drink Ingredient

The latest "it" ingredient is CBD. It's short for cannabidiol, found in marijuana plants. Discover where to find America's coolest food and drink ingredient on the menu.


This is the entrance to Cape Town`s most secretive speakeasy bar

You whisper a secret passphrase in a big bearded Cosa Nostra’s ear, and like magic, an unassuming steal door screeches open behind the muscle to reveal a Gotham-City-like alley, eerie enough to make little Bruce Wayne’s palms sweat. But then, from the back a lonesome ceramic water closest glows into focus, signalling a safe passage to Cape Town’s newest and most hush-hush 1920s style speakeasy bar.

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