The swineapple is the next big BBQ trend

Say what you want about the humble pineapple, but you can’t dispute its versatility.


How to make the Milkshake from Pulp Fiction

Right before Uma Thurman and John Travolta danced their way to cult status, they enjoyed a $5 shake or as Travolta puts it “a pretty f***ing good milkshake.”

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Cannabis coffee is now a thing, and it’s tripping us out

Forget blazing – it’s brewing that looks to be all the rage amongst stoners in 2016.


This is what would happen if you only drank coke for a year

Enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste of coke?


The Ultimate Steak Manual

As a consequence of our lacking antlers to sort matters out, man’s competitive nature can lead to all manner of attempted besting between friends.

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