Three Of Our Best New Pastry Recipes: For Cream Puffs, Jam Turnovers And Burnt Eggnog Tart

Cream puffs with maple sugar craquelin and chocolate-maple mousse, a recipe for puff pastry and something to make in advance


The Kfc China Story: How Taiwanese Businessman Introduced A Nation To Fast Food, And Why There Are No Chinese Franchises Overseas

When KFC opened in Beijing in 1987, it was the first US fast food outlet in any communist country


Where A Noodle, Bread And Dumpling Lover Eats In Hong Kong

Cherry Cheung inherited her grandparents? northern Chinese taste buds and has a weakness for simple meals done wellWhen she goes upmarket she aims high ? literally


Podcast: The Michelin Stars For Hong Kong And Macau; Chef Theo Randall On Italian Cooking ? Eat Drink Asia

Michelin announcement sees fine dining French restaurant Caprice get back its third starBritish chef Randall gives us some quick dinner solutions


San Francisco Restaurants That Can?t Pay Staff Enough To Live There As Rents Soar

A burger-making robot, a cocktail-dispensing machine, and dining concepts that save on labour ? Bay Area restaurants get creative to surviveWith median rents of US$4,550 a month some staff have to wor


American Nancy Singleton Hachisu Pays Tribute To Japanese Cuisine

Nancy Singleton Hachisu moved from California to Japan in 1988, fell in love and married a Japanese farmer and has lived on a rural farm ever since


From Nation Of Vodka Drinkers To A Wine Powerhouse? Uzbekistan?s Winemaking Ambitions

Its production is tiny, its wine industry a legacy of imperial Russia and its climate harsh, but Muslim Central Asian nation has big plans to raise outputIt wants to plant chardonnay and cabernet grap


Where East Meets West – Simple Pasta Recipes Under 15 Minutes

Adding a can of fried dace or sardines to spaghetti and linguine can lift an easy-to-make dish to delicious new heights


Hong Kong ?tycoons? Canteen?, Chinese Restaurant Fook Lam Moon, Celebrates 70 Years In Business

Catering company Fook Kee was started in 1948, and the first Fook Lam Moon restaurant opened in Wan Chai in 1972To celebrate, the restaurant?s two branches are serving classic dishes from throughout i


Make It A White Christmas With A Blanc De Blancs Champagnes

The distinctive style of champagne, made from 100 per cent chardonnay, is the tipple of choice for the festive season

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