52 Wines In 52 Weeks: Fall Is Here. Break Out The Gamay

Got a fall picnic planned? We've got the perfect wine to go with that chicken salad.


China Now Consumes More Budweiser Than The U.s.

As the classic "Bud Heavy" flounders in the U.S., it's actually doing pretty well in China as an import.


A Whiskey Drinker’s Tasting Of Four Aged Mount Gay Rums

Ready to make the brown liquor transition from whiskey to rum?


8 Watermelon Cocktails. Because Summer

It's International Watermelon Day, so why not drink some watermelon cocktails?


Glenfiddich’s New Fire & Cane Is An Amazing $50 Bottle Of Scotch

Fire & Cane is the fourth and newest concept in Glenfiddich?s Experimental Series.


Ketel One’s New “low Calorie” Vodka Is Not Diet Vodka

Ketel One's new line of botanical vodka has few calories than wine.


Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival Is Worth The Investment

Wild Turkey has released a $150 bourbon aged in sherry casks. And it's awesome.


Guinness’ New U.s. Brewery Won’t Actually Brew ‘guinness’

Guinness is opening a new brewery in Baltimore, but there will be something a little unexpected about the location: it won?t actually brew Guinness.

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