Macallan’s New Distillery Will Have 952 Bottles Of Whisky To Taste

Guests can sample some of Macallan's most expensive bottles during their visit.


One Shot Of This Whisky Costs $65,000

Smashing all records, two bottles sell for $2 million.


Tequila Is Becoming More Than Just A Special Cinco De Mayo Drink

High-end tequila is in particular demand.


Coke Vs. Pepsi: The Biggest Soda Rivalry In History Is In Full Swing Again

Battling for a shrinking soda-loving population


Jim Beam And Budweiser Are Making A Beer Together

The collaboration will use Budweiser's beer and Jim Beam's bourbon barrels.


Stella Artois Recalls Beer Due To Risk Of Glass Particles In The Bottles

How to determine if your bottle is at risk.


This Sustainable, Trump-tariff-hiked Budweiser’s For You

But cans could cost more due to President Trump's tariffs are implemented


The Dalmore Unveils A $12,500 Bottle Of Scotch

This is not your everyday after-work cocktail.


5 Alternatives To Guinness And Jameson For St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a bit o' the Irish? Try something different this year.


Corona Launches Its First New Beer In 29 Years

Corona Premier has fewer calories and carbs than Corona or Corona Light.

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