Build your own drink-mixing robot for $180

If Futurama has taught us anything, it’s that robots and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly. The BarMixvah is a slick, DIY combination of the two: it’s a drink-mixing robot. All you need to build it is around $180 worth of supplies, a 3D printer, and the ability to follow instructions.


Restaurant launches vodka-infused pizza

Ordering a cocktail at a bar and then having to go to a pizzeria to get your pie fix sounds exhausting. One Philadelphia restaurant has figured out a way to streamline the tiresome process by combining the two.


Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken Coconut Curry

Saucy coconut curry chicken with sweet red peppers, tender potatoes, and crunchy cashews make right in your crockpot! So easy and INSANELY delicious!


How Many Glasses of Wine Would It Take to Get You Into This Bed?

It might be a wine-themed hotel, but it wouldn’t even take a glass to get us into this bed.


Grunge band Pearl Jam launches new charity wine to raise money for the homeless

The Seattle area has become as famous for its winemaking scene as its grunge scene.


How to Drink Beer and Do Yoga at the Same Time

Yoga has the reputation of being for the lean of limb and birdlike of appetite—and not without reason.


Boozy strawberry milkshakes are a thing and you need to try them immediately

Introducing: Tequila Rose, which is essentially a Baileys-inspired strawberry dessert drink served up in a little shot glass.


Fudgy Jagermeister Brownies

If you like Jägermeister herbal liqueur, then you’ll love these very chewy brownies.


Cheddar and Green Onion Biscuit Breakfast

Rest assured, these sandwiches are quite tiny, meaning you can definitely eat as many of them as you want!


5 Disgusting descriptions for delicious wines

You’d think a Sauvignon Blanc characterized as smelling like cat pee would be awful. You’d be wrong.

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