Learning to Love Red Wine: Six Easy Steps

Many of us love our glass of white wine, but when it comes to red wine, well … we just don’t like it.


Gadget tests your drink for date rape drugs

A new electronic device and mobile app called pd.id (Personal Drink ID), aims to help prevent sexual assaults that occur after a victim has been unknowingly drugged.


America’s First Dog Café Lets You Drink Coffee And Cuddle Adoptable Dogs

Pennsylvania-born Sarah Wolfgang spent 16 years in South Korea working with shelters and dogs who have difficulty getting adopted.


A tour of South African vineyards yields some fine pairings, and more than a few penguins

Cape Town, South Africa, isn’t the sort of place you go to often, at least not if you’re coming from Canada, from which the travel time is about 24 hours each way.


Model Sues Restaurant After Meal Damaged Her Career

Carolina Rommel says in October of 2011, she bit into a small rock while eating a lentil salad. It cracked two teeth and caused her face to bloat.


Raw Vegan Espresso Brownies

You’re only 15 minutes away from enjoying no-bake vegan brownies that pack a punch of caffeine.


How to bake a Chocolate Soufflé like Celebrity Chef Eric Lanlard

One sip of Cuvée Royale was all it took for Eric Lanlard to fall in love with the wines of Simonsig Wine Estate.


Cool your wine down in a flash

Most wine is best served between 45 and 60 degrees, so if you pull a bottle off your wine rack, it’ll take awhile to lower the temperature in the fridge.

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Enjoy a Hot Cuppa Cab when you are in the mood for a slab

A wine fundi might be able to identify the chocolate on the nose or the palate or the follow-through … and all you taste or are interested in tasting, is the wine.


Japan Is Running Out Of Whisky

Today, Suntory announced officially that sales of the Hakushu 12-year-old single malt and the Hibiki 17-year-old blend would stop for the time being. The reason? Some of Japan’s most beloved whisky releases are vanishing.

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